Welcome to the JoyFULL Profit Private Client Program!

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Week 1:  Visioning and Goal-setting


Week 2:  Connect to your sacred worth and the true value of your work 


Week 3:  Position your services so clients see the value and want to buy 


Week 4:  Package and price your offerings to attract high-paying clients (Part A)


Week 5:  Package and price your offerings to attract high-paying clients (Part B)


Week 6:  Find ideal clients


Week 7:  Have selling conversations and sign your ideal clients 


Week 8:  Implementation week 


Week 9:  Blockbuster (Transform obstacles)


Week 10:  Deep dive: Money and self-worth healing session


Week 11:  Intensive pt 1: Program design


Week 12:  Implementation week 


Week 13:  Intensive pt 2: Program design


Week 14:  Deep dive: Move past fears of visibility and outreach


Week 15:  Deep dive: Find more potential clients


Week 16:  Implementation week 


Week 17: Ongoing support, troubleshooting, upleveling, and inner work

Every 3 weeks, an introduction to one of the 12 inner keys to high income

Three times per month, group coaching session

The 12 Inner Keys Program

Part 1: Transform Income-Limiting Mindsets

Stop getting in your own way…and start attracting high-paying clients

Key 1: Step into powerful beliefs


Key 2: Free yourself to claim your true money desire 


Key 3: Own the true value of your work 

Includes BONUS: Meditation to help you generate authentic inner confidence and magnetically attract clients


Part 2: Attract clients through magnetic action

Stop being stalled by fear…and easily take the actions that bring in clients and income

Key 4: Marketing from the heart 


Key 5: Selling as a sacred service 


Key 6: Step into abundance 


Part 3: Create your sacred relationship with money

Set the foundation for joyful income growth

Key 7: Heal from past money mistakes 


Key 8: Look at your money with clarity and power 


Key 9: Allow, receive, and hold onto money 

Includes BONUS: Prioritize Profit worksheet


Part 4: Claim Your Power With Money

Stop feeling like you can’t have money…and start using money as a resource to bring your vision to life

Key 10: Invest in abundance 


Key 11:  Yes, you can make money  


Key 12: Dealing with your clients’ money stories 

Final week:   Deep dive: Celebration and Future Planning